Join the Wiley Team – Become a Campus Ambassador!

Join the Wiley Team
Become a Campus Ambassador!

Gain professional experience and receive a scholarship to an Exam Review Course

Wiley’s Campus Ambassador Program provides college students with the opportunity to build a network while spreading awareness about Wiley Efficient Learning’s accounting, finance, business, and technology exam review courses, scholarship programs, study materials and events.

Responsibilities include:

  • Distribute promotional materials on campus and through social sharing
  • Inform students, clubs and faculty about review courses and study materials.
  • Coordinate with Wiley to find and attend events on campus that enable our team to  talk about your professional career path and Wiley’s review courses.
  • Find another campus rep prior to graduation.

Campus Ambassadors receive:

  • Free access to an Exam Review course until you pass
  • Virtual training
  • Professional resume blurb
  • LinkedIn recommendation
  • Access and ongoing opportunities for networking, professional development and rewards in our invitation-only online community, The Efficient Learning Studio

Apply Now

**All applicants will be considered. However, completing application  does not guarantee a position on the ambassador team.

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